Monday, February 6, 2017

Some New Work!

Shocked--right!  With the Doc's portrait out of my hands for now, I've taken advantage of the break to create something new.  All three were done on "previously disastered" canvases.

The most fun is the portrait of a fisherman.  The subject was seen on a TV commercial for the latest I-phone.  I froze the picture, grabbed my cell phone and snapped his photo.  This fellow is a portrait painter's dream, his face like weathered leather, heavily lined with deep crevices and a thousand kilowatt smile.

The other two paintings were a realistic seascape and a large still life of a bromiliad.  Neither was deserving of another attempt at saving or fixing, and both were quite heavy with many layers of paint.  Now, each has morphed into colors and shapes, without discernible subject matter.  They are just nice to look at.  Nothing controversial, thought-provoking or shocking.  They will remain on our living room walls, unnoticed by guests, and in a couple more weeks, even by us.  They did serve the purpose of providing me something of a playground--just what the doctor ordered.  Here they are:

See what I mean.  Not hideous, easy to look at, but certainly not great art.

Ah-h-h.  I'm so relaxed. :)

Can you say, Rothko knock-off?  This canvas most recently held a view from our home, with several buildings along the lower portion and the ocean and clouds taking up the rest.  This is somewhat mindful of a sunset, but you might see something else, or nothing but colors.

This pause is brought to you by Hawaiian Paradise.  I was in my chair a day or two ago, early afternoon, and this was the view of the lanai and beyond.  Okay, moving right along.

Here he is!  One look at that face and I knew I had my next subject.  Amazing that a mobile phone can capture such a beautiful image--Both the I-Phone and mine!

At the end of the first day.  The 16x20-inch canvas has an early version of the Doc's father beneath.  The reddish-brown paint around his neck is residual from painting the church pews.

Here he is today, February 6th.  More work to follow, but what a joy to paint a great face, fairly large.  Not a single tiny brush will be used for this.  I wonder if I'll be able to find out who he is and where he lives.  It would be nice to send it to him.

As I worked on this post, it was suddenly sunset and I thought you might enjoy this view.

That's it for now.  Have a nice tomorrow! 


  1. Well, I love the top abstract because it's so calming and such beautiful colors - you could get $10,000 easily in a high-end shop selling to those decorating their beach homes :) The second grates on my nerves a bit = perhaps too dark; but it does have energy. And I love that face, too - what a handsome man with so much life in his face and eyes! And another beautiful sunset :) A nice mix of things for us today!

  2. Rhonda is right, people pay big money for paintings like that :D

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    I like the way you think! Ten K would be nice, but I'd feel guilty about it for a long time...You know...about ten seconds.
    I told Michele about how the dark painting grates on your nerves. She doesn't like it either, so it's already been changed. Gotta respond to my public! :))
    It's turning into an impressionist sunset, but won't be ready for viewing for probably another few sessions. Rest assured, it's already much lighter and even Michele thinks it's better.
    Hope to post a photo in a few days.
    Thanks for that honest comment, Rhonda. We all need more of those.
    Have a great day!

  4. Hello Jennifer,
    Guess I oughta get it out there and see if you're both correct. Of course, then I'd owe each of you a chunk of that ten thousand for the idea. It would be great to share!
    Hope you had a decent day and an even better one tomorrow.

    1. you wouldn't have to do that, just a couch/floor to crash on if we ever go there would be ok lol :p (not such a good day, jaw is killing me, thanks tho :) )

  5. Jennifer has the right idea - a couch to crash on when we visit will be our payment for a big check for that painting. Seriously! I've seen paintings like this in lots of online "stores" for thousands of dollars - give it a try and see what happens?!? Meanwhile, I am taking your advice and have printed out a few bird photos from AMI that are not crows - so stay tuned and see if I can pull off something else after I finish the last 2 crow paintings :) And I knew you could take the honesty - you're a pretty tough guy!

  6. Aloha Jennifer,
    You're on! It's a deal! Sorry your jaw isn't playing nice, but I know you'll tough it out being the trooper you are.
    We'll leave the light on for you!

  7. Aloha Rhonda,
    I'm sure you've read what I said to Jennifer and the same goes for you and Jerry.
    I doubt I'll expend much effort to sell that painting. I'm too lazy, but would be thrilled if someone in the building told me that just had to have it!
    Good luck with whatever you attempt with Jerry's photos.
    You're right about my "toughness", and you'll be pleased to know that painting was changed rather drastically today. It'll take at least one additional session, maybe two, before it'll be ready for a debut, and I think you'll like it.
    Hope you have a nice Friday and weekend.