Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Back To Those New Paintings...

We've been having our share of rain this winter, so reminiscent of life in Portland, I've been spending more time in the studio lately.  The recent post featuring new work on multi-times used canvases have continued to "evolve".  Still working on the fisherman from the I-Phone commercial while waiting for one or more reference photos from Mr. Redgrift.


Has evolved into this.  I received two nice comments from Rhonda and Jennifer on the previous version, so I hope they'll be okay with the morph. :)  Click on any of the photos for a closer look.

This was panned by the aforementioned critics, plus Michele, so I got right to work on changes.

It became this attempt at painting the moon's reflection on the Pacific.  It wasn't turning out anything like the idea, so-o-o...

Here it is as of today, Wednesday, 15 February.  In person, I like it, but it loses something in this photo.  Most of my attempts at non-objective paintings have been stinkers, so I'm prepared for a few brickbats on this one.  In person, there is a much "easier-on-the-eyes" color harmony.  It's untitled at this point and who knows what it may look like in a few days.

And finally, here's my fisherman, as of February 14th.  And speaking of St. Valentine's Day, I hope all of you young, and not-so-young lovers out there enjoyed a bit of romance yesterday.

We had friends from the building over for drinks, sunset and pizza.  What could possibly be more romantic on Valentine's Day than pizza!?  Say Aloha to Jim and Sally Stuart.  Sally's searching for whales, while Jim is content with a beer and macadamia nuts.

We ended our day with this fiery sunset.  Hope you all had a good day and have an even better tomorrow.


  1. I do like the changes to all the paintings! And all but the portrait are open to interpretation so, with birds on my mind (as usual), I see a couple of birds in the second painting :) I am enjoying your abstracts - who knows where this could go. Of course, the portrait is fantastic (just saw the commercial and you have captured him!).

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    Glad you like them!'m not surprised, but rather pleased. I like the piece because I see nothing. Nothing at all. That almost never happens, so to me, it's a success. Oh...And I'm also happy with the colors. :)
    Abstracts are fun, but without a proper, "no holds barred" studio, it's tough to get as wild-and-crazy as I'd like. That can be limiting unless I can find ways to go crazy with runny paint and not ruin the room. Gotta keep that rental deposit in mind!
    I'm so happy you saw the commercial. Doesn't he have the most devilishly happy, weather-worn face you've ever seen?! I'm really lucky we're able to freeze the TV and the phone camera does such a nice job.
    Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your insightful comments.
    Enjoy your evening!

  3. If i am remembering right, we had pizza too lol

    the painting looks like a flower blew up, I like it :D

    ah! I see birds now too in that painting after reading Rhonda's comment :)

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    What a coincidence! Good stuff, pizza.
    I like your "blown-up flower" description. My own includes an "endive salad". :))
    Still no birds in the other one for me, no matter how hard I try seeing them. Maybe I'm just blocking them out, since I'm so determined to see nothing on that canvas, save for colors and shapes.
    Hope you're healing quickly from the fall.