Friday, February 10, 2017

A Queen And A Princess In Town!

Quite a day for Honolulu.  Both a queen and a princess arrived Thursday morning and what fun to see them here.

The queen, of course, was the Cunard Line Queen Elizabeth and the princess was the Princess Cruise Lines Grand Princess.  A bit later in the morning, we saw the Kalumanu get underway for the first time since we moved here nearly four years ago.  The four-masted brigantine may be moving to the Los Angeles area soon and today the crew was performing sea trials.  To cap off a great morning, a couple of spinner dolphins put on a show and we saw a humpback whale near the Star of Honolulu out on her morning whale watching cruise.  Here are some photos:

The Queen Elizabeth maneuvers toward her berth Thursday morning.  It was a beautiful day for visitors.  Click on any of the photos for a closer look.

Crewmembers are perched on that hatch to handle mooring lines as the huge vessel gets closer to her berth.

Some passengers eager to get ashore to enjoy Honolulu.

Other passengers, or maybe crewmembers, enjoy the morning sunshine.  You'll probably need to click on this photo see if you recognize anyone. :)

The four-masted brigantine Kolamanu heads out for sea trials.  That's the Grand Princess moored at Berth-2.

An Air New Zealand jet liner just after takeoff this morning.

Have a pleasant journey home!

A view of the beautiful water this morning. 

I call this "Still life with tulips, stainless steel and Valpolicella bottle".  Kind of reminds me of spring!

Sunset Wednesday, with airliner.

And finally, sunset from Mamala Bay Golf Course Thursday.

Hope you enjoyed the show!  Have a great tomorrow!


  1. those ships are huge! easy to understand how people can stay on one for a long time and not get bored (well as long as you make some stops along the way)

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    No question about it. I often wonder how people today, deal with steaming for several days (or more) to get to the next port. True, there are countless diversions on board, but still, I wonder if a bit of the old boredom sneaks up on 'em.
    Even worse, entering a port and having to wait for what must seem a lifetime before the ship is secured and they can go ashore.
    I guess it's likely cruise people love everything about it and find the pace their cup of tea. In your case, you would put the time to good use reading!
    Hope you had a good day!