Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Monster Surf And A Disney-Themed Aircraft

Ya-hoo!  Surfers--at least the experts--are thrilled by the arrival on O'ahu's north shore, of the first monster wave-producing swell of the season.  I captured some images from local TV channel KHNL Hawaii News Now on Tuesday and Wednesday to share with you today.  Sadly, they also showed some video of folks with children getting too close to the waterline and being knocked down and nearly swept out to sea.  Hopefully, viewers, particularly visitors to the islands, will be alerted to what can happen during such conditions.  

After a round of golf Wednesday morning, I was able to get some photos of a Disneyland paint job on an Alaska Airlines B-737 taxiing to the reef runway.  A bird decided to fly through one shot of the aircraft--a one-in-a-million photo.

Vince Cavataio is a most prolific photographer on the north shore and local news frequently features his surf images, as well as, lots of his gorgeous sunset photos.  In this case, thanks to KHNL's Hawaii News Now.

See why Ocean Safety emphasizes "expert only" in their warnings to the rest of us.


My "two birds with one stone" so-to-speak photo of the day.  At the time, I had no idea this bird was anywhere near the frame.  It was quite a surprise when I examined the photos later.  Click on the images for a close-up.

Disneyland-themed paint job on an Alaska Airlines B-737 taxiing for takeoff on the reef runway Wednesday morning.  I found out later that the plane was headed for our former and favorite home--Portland, Oregon!  Again--click on the image for a better look at the characters.

This Hawaiian Airlines inter-island aircraft came along just after the Alaskan B-737 and I couldn't resist the shot.

Back to the monster surf:  Local news KHNL Channel 8 shared some photos of the amazing windsurfing action Wednesday at Ho'okipa Beach on Maui.

Mr. Guy Hagi with the KHNL surf report for Thursday, October 29th.

This image, from KHNL, was taken Wednesday, first day of the HIC Pro Surf Contest
at Sunset Beach on the north shore of O'ahu.

A final photo of the KHNL Sports report on the HIC Pro surfing contest.  It'll be on again tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed these images of Paradise, courtesy of KHNL Hawaii News Now.
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Rescue, A Portrait, Dawn And A Sunset

Same old stuff, right.  Not exactly.  The rescue occurred Friday night, as a sailboat was returning from the Waikiki Yacht Club's Friday Races.  Apparently, the high surf drove the boat onto the reef and it was game over.  The Coast Guard rescued the thirteen people on board and they were all okay.  The boat has been removed from the reef, outside the entrance to Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. 

The Halen portrait.  Not much more can be said.  Here he is today.

The dawn Saturday was, if I may use an overworked adjective, beautiful.  I tried to capture the west side Waianae Range catching the first light of dawn, with the land below still in shadow.  Didn't do justice to what I saw, but one can only try.

Sunset was "almost" a green flash, but even more interesting was the strip of red clouds at the horizon, after the sun had set.  Enjoy!

The hard aground yacht, photo courtesy of local Channel 2 News.

The Channel 2 News carried this and the photo above on their Saturday evening edition.  Thanks to all the professionals on their news team.

Halen, with a couple of other portraits looking on.  I think he's just about finished, but his shirt still bugs me.  Needs some softer edges to make it less important and eye-catching.

The Waianae Range at dawn on Saturday.  This range runs along the west side of O'ahu, from south to north.

Sunset, Saturday.  Michele thought she might've seen a greenish tinge, but wishing doesn't make it so.  Maybe tonight. :)

An inter-island jet taking off in front of a gorgeous purple-pink cloud formation.

Zoomed a bit. 

Here's why Michele thought we had a green flash.  Click on this photo and see if you agree.

Here's that red strip across the horizon.  The color was much more cadmium red than pink, but you know how cameras and computers are.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Last Two Days

It's been a very nice week in Paradise and here are some photos from Thursday and Friday:

The breezeway between the Navy-Marine Golf Course clubhouse (on the right) and the snack bar (on the left).  I practiced Thursday and following that, needed a cold, refreshing beverage. :)  The snack bar is air-conditioned, but I decided to enjoy my drink seated at one of several tables located in the perfect spot to take advantage of the trade winds passing through.  Nice way to cool off and relax. 

This is the view from the same spot, opposite direction, but you could probably figure that out.  That's the practice putting green, with the first tee beyond to the left.

The open-air corridors of the clubhouse are decorated with photos from the World War II era.  This one shows a female welcoming committee pier-side at Pearl Harbor, greeting a ship's crew upon their return from battle.  It's easy to tell the boys are happy to be home!  Unfortunately, there were no details telling exactly what's going on, or the name of the ship, however, my guess is a battleship, maybe just after the war ended.

Again, no details, but I'd say these young men are celebrating either V-E Day or V-J Day.  On the other hand, maybe it was Free Beer Day at all the clubs on Hotel Street. :)

The view at 10:34 AM, Friday, October 23rd.  Of course, this is the camera's idea of things. 

After cropping the photo, this is pretty close to how big the Crown Princess cruise ship looks to us.  Whoever said the camera never lies, was lying. be fair, they were just wrong. :)

A passenger taking in the scenery Friday morning as the Crown Princess ties-up at Pier-11.  Nary a cloud in the sky today.  Maybe we'll see the green flash at sunset!

Several other passengers strolling an upper promenade deck, taking photos and/or walking-off their breakfasts.

South shore surfers are being treated to yet another large swell, producing near-advisory level waves.  This shows how big they are, just outside the entrance to Kewalo Basin boat harbor.  You know the drill by now:  Click on any of the photos for a blow-up.


Looks like a stand-up paddler and a surfer enjoying the action this morning.

The Carnival Miracle  joined the Crown Princess in port this morning.  If you click on this image, you'll just be able to see the crowds on all upper decks watching as the 963-foot long, 88,500-ton behemoth makes her way in Honolulu Harbor.  Notice also, the small boat playing "chicken" with her.  Should be a "wild-and-crazy" Friday night in Waikiki and Chinatown.  Between the two cruise ships there could be up to 5,100 people in town tonight and that doesn't include the number of crew members who may have the night off! 

We were treated to a most unusual cloud formation along with the sunset this evening.  It almost looked like rolling surf.  We've never seen a sky quite like this.

As the sun sank lower into the Pacific, the Crown Princess crew fired-up their giant TV screen.  We can't quite tell exactly who's looking at this display, but it was sure easy for us to see.

Looking at this zoom-in, it seems they may be showing a live closed circuit broadcast of the sunset!

A final shot of this beautiful cloud formation just after sunset.

It was a good day.  The tweaks on Halen's portrait were solid improvements, I had a good workout in the fitness center and my jog was made a lot more fun by seeing all the visitors along the route.  No surprise, but the tourists are easy to spot:  No tans, too many clothes--understandably inappropriate for Hawaii, floppy hats to keep the sun off their faces and the ubiquitous canvas bags with their ship's logo.  The fun comes in seeing their expressions as I run by.  Most look like they cannot believe someone my age would run on an 86-degree (F), 30-degree (C) day.  Actually, it was very comfortable, thanks to the trade winds.  I smile and some smile back as if they finally feel the Aloha Spirit. 

Sometimes, when I'm stopped by a traffic light, they ask for directions.  That's what makes me especially happy.  Helping visitors find their way doesn't seem like a big deal, but the grateful thanks offered and their eagerness to speak with a "local" makes my day.  As I finish this post, it's 11:16 PM, and we just heard the Crown Princess' horn sounding, announcing that she's getting underway.  Next stop:  Lahaina, Maui.  The Carnival Miracle left about a half hour ago, heading to Nawiliwili, Kauai.

Hope they all have the time of their lives and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.     

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Halen Portrait And A Rainbow

I re-worked the background yet again, and it's finally close to signature time. :)  Also, his black t-shirt is being glazed in ultramarine blue and will receive a hint of highlight.  The bluish cast to his t-shirt works nicely with the warm, orange-ish background--in my humble opinion.  And lastly, I'm trying to work beyond the photo reference, making his left (in the painting) ear less important, along with his neck.  The neck, muscles or not, will receive more work.

Halen, almost finished, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches (50.8 x 40.6 cms)

Remember the spheres painting?  Yeah, I know it was really dumb, but now it's covered up with this Picasso-influenced masterpiece.  This new one is so incredibly striking, Michele didn't notice it for two days and even then, it was only because I invited her to look at it. :)   Covering those spheres was the first step to painting know, decent.

That's the Pacific Tracker (637-feet long) being tugged into the harbor channel, on her way back to sea.  Click on the image for a better look.

Three tugs have her almost headed toward the harbor entrance.

The beautiful 17 October sunset.

This (barely) double rainbow caught my eye this morning, 20 October 2015.

Clearly it's a double in this photo.  That's the Star Princess just tying up at Pier-11.

The rainbow and a bit of sunshine really lit-up that anchored tanker.

Stepping out to the lanai edge, the full rainbow was visible.

It was quite close, dropping down into Chinatown.  At one point, we could actually see it just above ground, but the camera, on auto, couldn't capture the shot.
Enjoy your tomorrow, everyone!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Добро пожаловать российские Друзья Welcome Russian Friends

My Russian "fans" have been busy viewing my blog again, so I thought I'd welcome them in their language and invite them to leave a comment or two.  Sunday, October 18, 2015, Google recorded  504 page views--an all-time record high for this blog. 

Recent days have seen unusually high numbers of page views recorded, though nothing quite like today.  My hope is that the person(s) so enamored of this blog is simply having a wonderful time viewing all the photos of Hawaii.  The skeptic in me is not so sure.  I'd hate to think someone is downloading the photos, turning them into posters, postcards, t-shirts or other commercial items and selling them.  If that's the case, all they would've had to do is "ask me nicely" and I'd likely have said it's okay.  Frankly, I'd feel pretty good if anyone, including an ambitious Russian, thought my photos had commercial value.  Today, I contacted Google and made them aware of both the high numbers and my suspicions and asked their help in determining if this unusual activity is harmless. 

So, I'll try to think positive and hope I hear from someone in Russia, or Google.  It's always nice to make new friends. :)

Have a great tomorrow, everyone!   

Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Despite my best effort to come up with a catchy name for "Thursday", I failed.  So, here's the sunset from this day:

Nice start.

In a word:  Wow!

Almost gone.  No green flash, but there's always tomorrow!

Halen today.  Still working on the shirt and neck.  Halen now says he'd like to see some muscles!  Will it ever be finished?!

Enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sunset, Ships And Halen

For you today:  The latest Halen, a couple of telemetry collection ships in harbor and a beautiful sunset.

When we first began this painting, I asked Halen what shirt he'd be wearing at home.  A black t-shirt was his answer.  Today, work began on his shirt.  I don't have a photo of him in such a shirt, but do have some of me in a similar dark t-shirt, taken to use as a reference.  Some subtle folds/wrinkles will be added, perhaps tomorrow.  The background was darkened a shade or two today, too.  The color is a mixture of the colors used on his face and hair turned into a "colorful gray".

Need any telemetry data collected?  That's the Pacific Tracker tied-up at Pier-11 and the Pacific Collector just entering the harbor this afternoon.  Hope the crews have a great time on liberty!

No green flash today...those clouds along the horizon took care of that. :(

The sun has slipped beneath the Pacific, but if you click on this photo, you'll see a couple of airliners.  The one on the right appears to be climbing out to the west, while the one to the left is an inter-island aircraft, turning in for a landing.

An almost final view of one heck of a lovely sky.

Okay, this is the last sky photo.  These clouds to our south were too pretty to leave out.

Hope you had a spectacular Monday!