Saturday, November 22, 2014

This And That.

There is always something interesting to see from the lanai, and Friday was no exception.  A film (or television) crew's equipment trucks crowded part of a street in Chinatown Thursday and we got to see them in "action" yesterday.  This time, they were on the roof of a building, so we had an unencumbered view of their activities.  The zoom on my camera and our binoculars came in very handy!

The other photos include a most interesting partial rainbow imbedded in a massive cloud formation, a couple of sunsets, shots from a visit to the North Shore and Sunset Beach and some views of a recent visit to Kailua Beach, one of O'ahu's finest.  The massive arctic chill which affected much of the mainland was going on when some of these photos were taken and we did take time to count our blessings--just in time for Thanksgiving!

We've never seen a "mini" rainbow imbedded in a cloud formation until now!  This shot was taken from the lanai after breakfast.

Beautiful Kailua Beach.  Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

Kailua Beach looking west.

Our friends, Tessie and Greg, showed us Laie Point on the northeastern tip of the North Shore.  Spectacular is the only word to describe these rocks and the churning Pacific.  No...we did NOT go in the water here! :))

Sunset Beach on the North Shore.  A big swell brought "Advisory" level waves as you can see from this photo.

That's our friend Henriette walking down the beach to take some photos of me playing in the waves as they crash on shore.  We ended this day with a shave ice from Matsumoto's.

The Shot:  Notice the white trucks along both sides of the street in the lower left of this photo.  That would be the film crew's equipment transport.  Near the top of this image, you can see two blue ships moored.  The darker blue one is the Hawaii Responder, built to jump into action whenever anything threatens to damage coastal or harbor waters.  The lighter blue vessel on the left, is the Clean Islands, another spill/disaster response platform. to move closer.

Here, I've zoomed-in to show the power cart, lighting platform and the unit in Chinatown Artist Lofts being used for the story.  For those of you who have never had an opportunity to see a production in progress, the amount of equipment required is astounding.

Two actors hanging out while the crew positions cameras, sound equipment and even umbrellas for shade.  Water bottles were brought to the cast and crew which by our count, totaled thirteen people.

Preparation continues.  We were surprised to see that the scene took place where the actors are sitting.  Too bad it wasn't an action film, as we might've been treated to some exciting stunt work.

We were never sure when acting took over from rehearsal and prep work.  It was easy, however, to see when a make-up person did their work.  They probably had to mop the brows of the actors.  It must have been pretty hot on that roof.

Work continued after sundown.  Sometime last night they wrapped, packed-up and departed.  We have no idea if this was going to be part of a Hawaii Five-O episode or some other production, but we'll be watching!

This was the sunset on October 28th, but it was so fiery I wanted to share it.

And finally...this was the sunset last night, Friday, 21 November 2014.  A tanker is anchored just out of the harbor and two Coast Guard vessels are moored at their station on Sand Island. 

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Waimea Falls And The Koi.

Here are the latest paintings I've been working on.  Same old Koi, but my interpretation of Waimea Falls is new.

Waimea Falls, work-in-progress, oil on canvas, 28 x 22-inches (71.12 x 55.88-cm).  The actual falls can be fairly unspectacular, depending on the amount of recent rainfall when you see them, so don't visit the park expecting to see Angel Falls or Niagara. 

This photo reference was taken during our visit to Waimea Valley a while ago.  I'm quite certain Sargent, Corot and a host of other great painters could do wonders with this scene, but I couldn't.  After working and working on trying to make it more interesting, I finally decided to approach it with reckless abandon and an "artistic" mindset.  That meant all the colors of the rainbow, smeared about the canvas with palette knife and fingers, with complete disregard for reality.  It was a lot of fun! :))

And finally today, here's the latest image of the Koi.  The most significant change since it was last posted was changing the white Koi's markings from black to a mixture similar to the pond bottom.  It was one of those "a-ha" moments for me, but I should've used these colors from the beginning.  I'm not sure it's finished, but it has remained like this for about two weeks now, so perhaps...

I've also been working on a small portrait of a friend's child.  It's been a struggle, but I'm finally beginning to make progress.  It will be a Christmas gift for his family, so time is beginning to be a factor.  I hope it will soon be ready for a debut.

Hope you are all enjoying a nice weekend.  Our day is rather autumn-like for Hawaii, with temperatures only reaching the low-eighties and plenty of wonderful natural air conditioning provided by the sea breezes.