Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dinner And Fireworks With Friends.

Friday night, Barbara and Sally, our first and best Hawaiian friends, invited us to join them at the Waikiki Yacht Club for dinner and to watch the fireworks show from Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Needless to say, we were most eager to see them again and have a look at this famous sailing club.  Join us now, for a mini-tour of the club, dinner and fireworks.

Entrance to the Waikiki Yacht Club, taken from the Internet.

Soon after our arrival, Barbara took us out for a look at her partner's sailboat. 

Another view of his vessel.

Sally and the bow of the boat.  Waikiki highrises are in the background.  The club is located at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor on the west end of Waikiki.

The club's trophy cases flank the entryway and they are loaded with impressive awards.

Another trophy case.  Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

An impressive plaque on one of the many awards.

More hardware won by club members.

This one was particularly beautiful.

Sally orders.  Highrises, gently-bobbing sailboats and tiki torches provide a wonderful atmosphere for dinner.  The restaurant east wall is all doors which were open tonight.  Within just a few steps you could board your vessel...or fall into the water.

Barbara studies the menu.  We almost felt like we were dining aboard ship!  

Michele's shoulder and a shot of the restaurant interior.

Sally smiles for the camera as night falls.  Fireworks would soon begin!

Our table.  The club staff was very friendly and everything about the restaurant was comfortable, relaxed and warm.  I had the Sea Bass special and have never enjoyed a more flaky, moist and delicious piece of fish.  My compliments to the chef.

The Friday night fireworks from nearby Hilton Hawaiian Village began with...well...a BANG! :)  We all knew "about" when they would begin, but the first explosion still gave us something of a shock.  Talk about great seats for the show!

I know this looks like the fireworks hit the plate, but it's really our dessert...or what's left of it.  I was so eager to dig-in, by the time I thought about a photo, it was too late.  The delicious dish is named after the famous Russian ballet star, Anna Pavlova.  A hotel chef in New Zealand is generally credited with creating this wonderful dessert in her honor during a stop there on her world tour.  Click on the link for more "delicious" details, including how to prepare it.

We had a wonderful evening catching up with Barbara and Sally, a great dinner complete with a famous dessert and fireworks!  Thank-you so much, Barbara, for inviting us.


  1. Nice life at the Yacht Club! Shopping? You do have the salt in your blood.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Shopping? I don't think so, but I had a good laugh at the suggestion. Salt in my blood...Maybe so, but I don't know where it came from. I've always thought I came from space alien seed, so that may be the answer. Being a lad from smallish Battle Creek and raised in a lower middle-class family, I have no business even being invited to a yacht club.
    I was skeptical about posting the evening, fearing it would make me look "uppity", but finally decided, oh, who cares. I must admit I toyed with the idea of renting a commodore's costume for the affair, but was afraid the club members would immediately recognize the lie and ridicule me like the main character in "Caddy Shack". Do you think that there's a "Judge Smails" in every yacht club?
    Hope you're having a nice Sunday, Linda.