Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Triple Play!

As I was finishing my morning coffee on the lanai today, I noticed the smaller of the two Atlantis tour submarines being towed to the southwest.  We normally see it being towed southeast, to its operating site off Waikiki.  I decided to watch in hopes that this might be a U.S. Coast Guard-mandated operational test which would include a dive.

This photo, taken from the Internet, shows one of the Atlantis submarines off Maui, I suspect, based on the background landscape.  It was very interesting to see both a dive and surface this morning.

Maybe it's time for a new camera with better long-range capabilities! :)  Far from a good  image, it shows the submarine just after surfacing with the tow vessel approaching from the left.  I watched for about an hour, hoping to see her emerge from the depths.  When it happened, I was surprised at how quickly she appeared.  Unlike the slow, cautious descent, I'm guessing it may have been a simulated emergency ascent maneuver.

As I watched, whales appeared in view not far from the submarine and tow vessel's location.  The number of blows, visible backs and even a couple of large splashes suggested a group, but it was impossible to know exactly how many.  Sorry there aren't any whale photos, but they just won't hold a pose out of the water. :(

And finally, the USCG ice breaker Polar Star was getting underway.  You may recall the December news story about the ice-bound Russian-flagged Akademik Shokalskiy and the Chinese ice breaker, Xue Long, which also became ice-bound.

The USCG ice breaker, Polar Star, seen here where she was born to be--Antarctica.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority put out a call for assistance, as did the Russian and Chinese governments, and the Polar Star responded.  On her way to the scene, weather conditions changed and both stranded ships were able to get free from the ice.

 USCG Polar Star, departing Honolulu Harbor this morning.  She must feel out of place here, where the only ice to be found is in beverage glasses. :)))

Another apology for the fuzzy photo.  The Polar Star on her way home to Seattle.  Have a safe voyage!

Relaxing on the lanai this morning enabled me to see a submarine submerge and surface, Humpback whales and one our nation's most powerful icebreakers (she has a sister ship, the USCG icebreaker Polar Sea) head home to Seattle.  How lucky can you get?!  I hope you had an exciting morning, too.  I think it's time to hit the beach!  Aloha, all. :)   
the Russian-Flagged Akademik Shokalskiy and Chinese-Flagge - See more at:
the Russian-Flagged Akademik Shokalskiy and Chinese-Flagge - See more at:
the Russian-Flagged Akademik Shokalskiy and Chinese-Flagge - See more at: Polar Star was sent to assist, though ultimately 


  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Long time, but it's nice to see you here again. Your comment, however, particularly regarding this post, is WAY TOO KIND. I hope you're writing in general terms, which would include the few photos I'm actually pleased with. :) You and Fon are the truly great photographers. My blurry point-and-shoot images today aren't worthy of posting, but you can see I have no discretion or shame. Today, in particular, I offered more excuses than decent photos.
    Your photos of clouds over Strahan Harbor are my current favorites. The light, grand scale and subject matter are breathtaking. Those two photos really make me want to visit and be in that wonderful place. I wish I had the ability to create a painting of them, but sadly, my imagination usually exceeds my capability. :(
    Hope you and Fon are both doing well and enjoying traveling the planet. It's always a pleasure to visit your site.

  2. aways so fun to go boat (er...ship) watching with you...and whale watching too! Wow...what a great morning you had!

  3. Hi Celeste,
    It was indeed! It's a wonder anyone ever shows up to work here! It's lucky my studio is at home, or I'd probably never paint. At this point in time, a studio outside the home would be a complete waste of money. That, or I'd feel guilty and show-up, spending my time there thinking about being outside. :)
    I know work will return to being a priority someday, but it's too soon to predict when. If this obsession with Hawaii continues much longer, I'll have to change the blog title!
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Celeste.