Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

While Rhonda waits patiently for her portrait to be finished, I thought I'd show you all something of what I do when I'm not painting.  "How exciting!", you all must be thinking.  I don't blame you and hope today's post isn't spectacularly under-whelming.
Terry Schrunk Plaza is on the way to my studio and the azaleas are really beginning to put on their annual show.  Also, the park features an amazing limestone rock presented to Portland by our sister city, Suzhou, China.  It's a very special gift indeed as it comes from Lake Tai and represents the power and wildness of Nature.  I've included a shot of the plaque which explains it all, but you must enlarge it read it.

Mr. Bruce White, a very pleasant gentleman with an office across the hall from my studio has been joining me on Friday afternoons lately to share a few glasses of a nice Italian Sangiovese wine along with a variety of cheeses and other Italian treats.  Beside eating and drinking, we always manage to discuss a variety of current events, local and national politics and in-general, solve most of the world's problems.  I hate to admit it, but I do take a day off every now and them.  After all, one must do their best to maintain the image of a true Bohemian artist!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Pleased to Announce...

I'm very pleased to announce that my painting, "Untitled", donated to the Cascades AIDS Project for their annual fund raising art auction, sold for $900 at the gala event last Saturday evening.

I just received a letter of notification today and couldn't be more pleased.  Though I priced the painting at $1,200, I was ecstatic that it sold for $900 in these challenging economic times.  All for a great cause!  I plan on calling the winning bidders to congratulate and thank them for making a significant contribution to the cause.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All The World Wants To Know....

Harry Kent, that most generous and creative gentleman of Tasmania, kindly sent a comment today, answering all the skeptics calls for proof that I really did send his portrait to Tasmania.  The comment can be found by clicking on "comments" at the bottom of the post titled, "It's There!"

In addition, he was most gracious in his praise of the work, which should put to rest all those nasty rumors about his utter disgust and disappointment with it.

President Obama has decided no photos of the portrait will be released to the public.

The image IS NOT, Harry Kent being coerced into writing the comments.  Trust me on this.  Really!  Seriously!  He WAS NOT dangled from a very tall building to wrest the comments.  Really!  The comments were freely given.  It's true.  No kidding.  I mean...COME ON...who would do such a thing?

Disclaimer:  No enhanced interrogation techniques were employed to obtain his comments.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Wonderful Day in a Great City.

All the planets must have lined up perfectly today, because it was spectacularly beautiful, 70-degrees, full of sunshine and Michele had the day off.  That made it very easy for me to play hooky from the studio and join her on a walk all over the city.
We departed our building at about 11:30 AM, beginning our day with a stroll to the central library to return a book.  From there, we were heading to my studio to drop off a few munchies when we noticed the Wednesday Farmers Market.  That required a short tour of the vendors and their produce before continuing to my studio.  I restocked my snack locker, Michele dropped off the light jacket she no longer needed and we headed for the waterfront.
Such a delightful stroll.  It seemed that the entire downtown workforce was jogging, biking or walking for their lunch hour.  When you throw-in the retirees, school-skippers, tourists and unemployed was quite a crowd.  It is energizing and invigorating to see citizens enjoying their city so completely.  It's why we live downtown.  We walked to the Steel Bridge and while crossing and snapping photos of a ship being loaded, a passenger train came across the bridge.  I'm sure there must have been a plane overhead, too, making it a transportation tri-fecta.
We continued on the east side of the river, trying to decide where to have a well-deserved lunch.  Looking across the river, the Cinco de Mayo Festival carnival rides and white tents of countless food and beverage vendors stood out in the bright sun.  My gaze wandered down to the river's edge and I noticed what appeared to be a homeless man.  He was sitting in the shadows, but I saw him holding a flute.  His appearance further convinced me of my error.  It seems he was a musician enjoying a bit more private spot, perhaps to have his lunch and practice. 
We crossed the Hawthorne Bridge to return to the west bank and decided to dine at the marina.  We felt certain Newport Seafood Grill would be serving outdoors on such a magnificent day and luckily, had no problem getting a table on the dock.  Michele ordered a mango mojito and I took a bit of a gamble that the bartender could make a decent Mai Tai.  He could and he did!  We then ordered halibut for lunch and watched the Canadian geese and mallard ducks cruising nearby waiting for someone to toss them a crumb or two.  A hard-working soul paddled by in an interesting outrigger kayak.  Fishermen passed by in search of salmon or sturgeon or maybe they really didn't care--it was just that nice.  Eight colorful Dragon Boats were moored at the marina, waiting for the races to come with the June Rose Festival.  Looking across the river from our table, we could see the U.S.S. Blueback, SS-581, permanently moored at OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  After 31-years service with the navy, it rests here.  It was used in the movie, "The Hunt for Red October" and an episode of "Hawaii 5-0" among other spots in commercials and documentaries.  Mount Hood was also visible from our location, standing out in it's white mantle against the bright blue sky.
We departed with appetites well-satisfied and began the lazy walk home.  Along and above the marina, shops and restaurants beckon all those who pass by.  The Siren's Song of "ice cream" captivated us, so we ordered our favorites and plopped down on a bench to survey the watercraft and river while savoring the creamy delights.
This was a good day by any measure.  Plenty of walking, a great lunch, ice cream and sunshine.  I hope you had a great day, too.

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's There! Update: Harry Left A Comment!

The portrait arrived a few days late due to customs, but Harry opened the box May 1, in Tasmania.  I'll let him tell you how he feels about it.

Harry just left a comment for those of you who want to see proof of bin Laden's mean proof that I really sent it and he actually received it.  I hereby swear, on my honor, that the comment was written by him and not coerced through "enhanced" begging techniques.